Motor Up Sports Pickem Week 13 Results

Only 4 weeks remain and although JVads went 15-1 for the weekly win, it was a good week for everyone all around and JQA remains in first place by a few games. It’s time for the stretch run!

Game JVads (126-66) (0.656) David (126-66) (0.656) Pookie (111-81) (0.578) Wolfe   (128-64) (0.667) Tigger (120-72) (0.625) Big D (120-72) (0.625) Loden (112-80) (0.583) JQA   (132-60) (0.688) Commish (118-74) (0.615)
WAS vs DAL DAL (W) DAL (W) DAL  (W) WAS  (L) WAS  (L) WAS* (L) TIE     (L) WAS (L) DAL    (W)
KC vs NYJ KC      (L) KC     (L) KC      (L) KC      (L) NYJ  (W) KC     (L) KC     (L) KC    (L) KC        (L)
NE vs BUF NE   (W) NE   (W) NE    (W) NE    (W) NE   (W) NE    (W) NE   (W) NE  (W) NE      (W)
DEN vs MIA MIA (W) DEN   (L) DEN   (L) DEN   (L) MIA (W) DEN  (L) MIA (W) MIA (W) DEN     (L)
SF vs CHI SF    (W) SF    (W) SF     (W) CHI    (L) CHI    (L) CHI    (L) SF    (W) SF   (W) SF       (W)
DET vs BAL BAL (W) BAL (W) BAL  (W) DET    (L) BAL (W) DET   (L) DET   (L) BAL (W) BAL    (W)
MIN vs ATL MIN (W) MIN (W) MIN (W) MIN (W) ATL    (L) ATL   (L) MIN (W) ATL   (L) ATL      (L)
TB vs GB GB   (W) TB      (L) GB    (W) GB   (W) TB      (L) GB   (W) GB   (W) GB  (W) GB      (W)
HOU vs TEN TEN (W) HOU  (L) HOU   (L) TEN (W) TEN (W) TEN (W) HOU  (L) TEN (W) TEN    (W)
IND vs JAX JAX  (W) JAX  (W) JAX   (W) JAX  (W) JAX  (W) JAX  (W) JAX   (W) JAX (W) JAX    (W)
CLE vs LAC LAC (W) LAC (W) LAC  (W) LAC  (W) LAC (W) LAC (W) LAC (W) LAC (W) LAC    (W)
LAR vs ARZ LAR (W) LAR (W) LAR  (W) LAR  (W) LAR (W) LAR (W) LAR (W) LAR (W) LAR    (W)
NYG vs OAK OAK (W) OAK (W) OAK (W) OAK (W) OAK (W) OAK (W) OAK (W) OAK (W) OAK   (W)
CAR vs NO NO  (W) NO   (W) CAR    (L) NO   (W) NO  (W) NO  (W) NO   (W) NO (W) NO     (W)
PHI vs SEA SEA (W) PHI    (L) SEA  (W) PHI     (L) PHI     (L) SEA (W) SEA (W) PHI   (L) PHI       (L)
PIT vs CIN PIT   (W) PIT  (W) CIN     (L) PIT    (W) CIN    (L) PIT  (W) PIT  (W) PIT (W) PIT     (W)
Record: 15-1 11-5 11-5 10-6 10-6 10-6 12-4 12-4 12-4


Week 1 winner: 4-way tie: JVads, Tigger, JQA, Commish

Week 2 winner: 2-way tie: JVads, Big D

Week 3 winner: David

Week 4 winner: 3-way tie: JVads, Tigger, Commish

Week 5 winner: 3-way tie: Pookie, Wolfe, Big D

Week 6 winner: Pookie

Week 7 winner: JQA

Week 8 Winner: Wolfe

Week 9 Winner: Tigger

Week 10 Winner: 2-way tie: JVads, JQA

Week 11 Winner: Wolfe

Week 12 Winner: David

Week 13 Winner: JVads



5- JVads


3- Tigger, JQA, Wolfe

2- Commish, Big D, Pookie, David


0- Loden




Name (weekly wins) Record (Win%) Games Back
JQA (3) 132-60 (0.688)
Wolfe (3) 128-64 (0.667) 4
David (2) 126-66 (0.656) 6
JVads (5) 126-66 (0.656) 6
Big D (2) 120-72 (0.625) 12
Tigger (3) 120-72 (0.625) 12
Commish (2) 118-74 (0.615) 14
Loden (1) 112-80 (0.583) 20
Pookie (2) 111-81 (0.578) 21

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