Jimmy Garappolo traded to the 49ers for a second round pick!

jimmy g
(Photo/Bleacher Report)

Justin Vadenais

I am kind of at a loss. I truly thought that Jimmy G was the future of this team. But as I’ve said before, whatever you think Belichick is going to do, you’re wrong. All we heard all offseason long was when was Jimmy G going to be traded and what for. Then, Belichick did nothing and the narrative changed to that there was no chance of Jimmy being dealt and that he was the future of the franchise after Brady soon retired. So what does Bill do? Trade him hours before the deadline. Makes sense. I’m trying my god damn best to say I trust Belichick, but I can’t lie. I wanted Garappolo to be the future of this franchise and I am personally sad to see him go.

So what’s next?

Well, as Pookie brought to my attention, the Jon Lester failed Red Sox plan could be in play here. Meaning, the Pats got something for Jimmy to guarantee they would not lose him for nothing but may attempt to re-sign him this offseason. San Fransisco could always throw a wrench in this plan by franchise tagging him, leaving him to stay in San Fran for at least another year.

Or, the Patriots could elect to trade this pick for a contributor in an area of need. And this once thought to be superteam certainly has areas of need, mostly due to injuries. With Julian Edelman, Malcolm Mitchell, and now Chris Hogan all injured, combined with Dwayne Allen doing literally nothing, the Pats could use another pass catcher. With Hightower down for the year, linebacker is another need. And of course, the secondary is a dumpster fire right now that could use reinforcements. Now, a second rounder won’t get you a superstar, but it could perhaps get you a solid starter and contributor.

Door #3 here is to draft someone with the pick, perhaps another QB for the future, whose rookie deal would either be still in place or just expiring when Tom is ready to hang’em up.

I really don’t know what the plan is. I can only vent to the few of you that read this. All I know is I wish Jimmy G the best during his stay in San Fran, no matter how long it is. I also may be hitting the waiver wire in fantasy this week for someone….

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