Many NFL players knelt during the national anthem yesterday and I fully support their right to do so.

Justin Vadenais

Texans Patriots Football

(Photo/ABC7 News)

I don’t often get political and I don’t plan on getting political on the website anymore in the near future but based on what I saw yesterday and have seen today, I felt like I needed to put this out there. Even though I won’t reach any big audience, I felt the need to say this. I fully support the NFL teams and players that knelt for, locked arms during, or peacefully protested the national anthem during yesterday’s slate of games. I saw a lot of negative remarks trashing the players for doing any sort of thing and it very much irked me. Patriots fans loudly booed players on the team that they root for who knelt during the national anthem. This disgusted me. I could not believe Patriots fans would boo their own team when the players were simply taking action for a cause they believe in, showing the disapproval for our president’s comments.

Our own president said that he wished owners would fire any player who knelt during the anthem and said, “get that son of a bitch off the field”. After hearing these comments, how could anyone possibly be surprised or upset that the players across the league took action? If I was an NFL player that heard the president’s comments, you better believe that I would be doing the same thing, sticking up for my colleagues.

I think it is also extremely telling how unified the NFL was in response to the President’s comments yesterday. Players on just about every team in one way or another spoke out or took action. Owners were down on the sideline interlocking arms with players. Both Tom Brady and Robert Kraft, personal friends of Donald Trump publicly stated their disagreement with the president’s comments. Rex Ryan, admittedly a supporter of Trump during the election said on the ESPN NFL Countdown show that he is ashamed to be associated with the President because of these recent comments. If Tom Brady and Robert Kraft agree with Rex Ryan on something, you might be able to assume that what they are against is something that everyone should be against. Donald Trump unintentionally did something that had not been done in a long time, unify the NFL. The NFL is a league that has long been divided on social issues, but these most recent comments seem to have given the league a little bit of a sense of unity. Maybe this can lead to the NFL solving some of its many issues going forward as one.

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