Fantasy Football Rankings: Tight Ends


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Justin Vadenais

One of the tricky positions in fantasy football is a tight end. You can wait on a tight end and draft someone solid like a Zach Ertz or Hunter Henry, while stacking up on running backs or wide receivers. Or you can go for the Gronk or Jordan Reed home run pick and risk having not as good backs/receivers. Or you can go somewhere in the middle with a Jimmy Graham/Greg Olsen type pick, an upper tier tight end that probably won’t go in the first 5ish rounds. Here are my top 15 tight ends:

15) CJ Fiedorowicz

DeShaun Watson is the new rookie QB in town and rookies sometimes love to have a security blanket tight end. Fiedorowicz could fill that role and get a good share of targets this year.

14) Austin Hooper

The Falcons spread the ball around and Hooper won’t get a significant share of the targets, but he could be a playmaker and a red zone threat.

13) Jack Doyle

With Dwayne Allen gone, Jack Doyle is the clear #1 tight end in Indy. Luck likes to throw to his tight ends, but just how dominant can Jack Doyle be?

12) Eric Ebron

Ebron is a great athletic specimen, but his actual skills as a receiver are sometimes not elite. I still expect a productive season from Ebron, he just needs to further develop chemistry with Stafford.

11) Kyle Rudolph

Injuries could always be a concern with Rudolph, but what really hindered him last year was an overall stagnant offense around him. We’ll have to wait and see if things get better this year.

10) Hunter Henry

I fully expect Henry to take the TE1 spot on the depth chart and see Antonio Gates play a lesser role, staying healthy for the playoffs if the Chargers make a run late in the season.

9) Zach Ertz

Wentz and Ertz could develop in to a QB and TE combination. I don’t expect them to superstar fantasy players, but Ertz could be a TE1 in fantasy.

8) Tyler Eifert

Eifert is a risk for two reasons: he is very injury prone and the Bengals won’t be that good. But he has also shown superstar potential in some games where he scores multiple TDs. So if you draft Eifert, swing for the fences. You’ll either strike out or hit a home run.

7) Martellus Bennett

I loved watching MAAHTY B in New England last year and although I am sad to see him go, I expect a good season in Green Bay. He is a great weapon for Aaron Rodgers. And I think his touchdown scoring will make him a valuable fantasy asset.

6) Jimmy Graham

He still hasn’t returned to his prime New Orleans form, but Graham found a niche in the Seattle offense last year, getting on the same page as Russel Wilson. I think that continues.

5) Delanie Walker

Hot take inbound, Delanie Walker might be one of the most underrated players in the NFL. He balls out when he gets the targets, and I fully expect him to get the targets in a Titans offense on the rise.

4) Greg Olsen

3) Travis Kelce

Kelce is one of the best tight ends in the game. The Chiefs have a limited number of receiving options, basically just Kelce and Tyreek Hill. He is going to get a lot of targets and score a lot of fantasy points.

2) Jordan Reed

If Jordan Reed can avoid the injury bug, he is plain and simple the 2nd best fantasy tight end. He is a spectacular athlete that can go out there and beat the defense in a multitude of ways. The concussions are a huge concern, as well as his recent toe injury in camp.

1) Rob Gronkowski

DUH. Obviously, Gronk is the best tight end in the game, in fantasy, and quite possibly of all time. Yes, obviously I am a Pats homer, but it’s the truth. I just worry for Gronk’s health. Drafting him in fantasy is a champion/sacko type gamble for your season.

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