Are the Pittsburgh Penguins officially a dynasty?

(Photo/Pittsburgh Penguins)

David Allard

If you ask any fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins if their team is now a dynasty after the latest Stanley cup win, pushing them to 5 wins since 1991 they would surely tell you yes. Winning back to back titles in the NHL, especially in a league where no team has done it in the salary cap era is incredibly difficult. The Penguins become the first team to do so since the addition of the salary cap with yet another cup win, but are they a dynasty? I would argue no

To me a dynasty is success to a high degree over a long period of time. While Pittsburgh has won 5 Stanley Cups since 1991, they have had large gaps between their cups (1991,1992, 2008, 2016, 2017).  Below is a list of true dynasty teams:

New England Patriots 2001-2004

Chicago Blackhawks 2010-2015

Boston Celtics 1957-1969

New York Yankees 1996-2000

The Penguins have cemented themselves as a hockey city and with 5 Stanley Cups, are rapidly approaching original 6 teams cup totals, who had a 50 year start on the Penguins franchise.

I would not consider 2 Stanley Cups consecutively a dynasty, if they win another next year, or in 2019 I would be willing to call this Penguins team a dynasty, but for now, they are simply a very good team that has won back to back cups.

And while we are talking about dynasty’s, don’t count Chicago out for next year. They still have a solid core of talent. Despite their early playoff sweep from the 8 seed Predators, I could easily see the Blackhawks playing for the Stanley Cup next year.

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