Do the Cavs actually have a chance?

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Justin Vadenais

On Friday night, Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers hit an NBA Finals record 24 three-pointers en route to a 137-116, avoiding a sweep in Game 4, bringing Warriors lead to 3 games to 1. Uh oh. Unless you have lived under a fucking rock the past year, you know that last year the Cavaliers came back from down 3 games to 1, winning in dramatic fashion in game 7. Now that they are in the same spot as last year, do the Cavs think that they might actually be able to pull this off? And regardless of what they might think, can they actually do it?

I thought for sure the Warriors had their fucking brooms out going into Game 4. Due to my own cockiness, I may end up having to swap first round picks in fantasy football this upcoming season for betting on the Dubs to sweep. They were within striking distance early in the 4th quarter, but the Cavaliers, to their credit, slammed the door shut. Lebron, Kyrie, K-Love, and others hit big shots down the stretch and the Warriors never exploded for a game-winning scoring run like they did the first 3 games.

But now, the Cavs have to go into Oracle and win in the Warriors house, where they have been so fucking good all season long. And this year, I get the feeling things will be different. Draymond is not suspended for this game and seems pretty fed up with Lebron and the refs shit from Game 4. This year the Warriors also have someone new on their team. Some dude named Kevin Durant. The Warriors have played at such a high level night in and night out all season long, especially in this postseason, and even more especially the first 3 games of this series. It just doesn’t seem like they let this comeback happen.

But I am by no means an expert. Although I’m still way Team Jordan in the GOAT debate, it’s always tough betting against Lebron. But on the other hand, it might be even tougher to bet against the Warriors. I am picking the Warriors to win game 5 in a close one that they pull away late in. But this past year, sports have been all about comebacks, with Lebron and the Cavs sparking the remarkable trend last year from this same spot, going to Oracle down 3-1. I’ll say this to end; if the Cavs pull Game 5 off, the Warriors and their fans will be shaking in their fucking boots going to The Land for Game 6.



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